Spring Care for Begonia rex-cultorum plants

Rex begonia ‘Autumn Ember’ ©David R. Clark, CNLP 2022

By David R. Clark, CNLP

Hello Sunshine!!!

Giving my Begonia rex-cultorum plants a sunbath! Although Begonias enjoy shady and humid conditions, these two fancy girls were just too lovely to be sitting under LED lights in my basement garden. In our northern conditions, full sun indoors for a couple of hours is ok. Outdoors, this would be a no-no.

The big, glowing lady is Autumn Ember, which I purchased at Lockwood’s Greenhouses, in Hamburg, NY, a couple of years back. She is amazing!

Rex begonia ‘Festive Paisley Silver’ ©David R. Clark, CNLP 2022

The amazing fish-tail, Mermaid-finned specimen is Festive Paisley Silver, that I saw on Gardenwalk Buffalo last summer. I just had to find it!!

Best care for these lovelies: Let them dry out between waterings. Use peat-based potting media. Water with rainwater, melted snow water (which we sure do have a lot today!), or distilled water. To avoid leaf spots, refrain from misting the leaves to increase humidity. Instead, place these plants atop gravel-filled trays, filled almost to the tops of the gravel with “good water”.

Did You Know

Did You Know: that a 1-2% solution of mineral oil, Baby Oil or Nivea body oil (diluted in distilled water), lightly sprayed on the growing points will dissuade Thrip insects from attacking these plants and also others in your collection? >Only to be applied 1-3 times per year. And only to the growing points, and top leaf surfaces<

Fertilizer Tips and More…

Fertilize at 1/4 strength starting in March, maybe once a month, during the growing season. There are so many great varieties of these plants, that I am sure you will find just the “perfect one” to love in your home garden. Urban Roots, Buffalo, NY, and Lockwood’s Greenhouses, Hamburg, NY, have superb offerings for you to choose from! Do you grow Rex begonias? Which variety is your favorite? Please feel free to share your pictures and cultivation tips on my page!

Kind regards, David Clark

One thought on “Spring Care for Begonia rex-cultorum plants

  1. I love this post!
    I have struggled with Rex’s over the years, and gave up on them until I found this post and David’s new website.
    I am excited to give them a go again!
    Thank you David!!

    Liked by 1 person

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